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Sweet Chestnut coppicing this Sunday

domwhatcombewoods2smWondering how to take best advantage of the winter sun tomorrow? Well, we will be Sweet Chestnut coppicing in the beautiful Whatcome Woods… (Sunday 25th February).

Please come along between from 10am until about 3pm and you can to see how we are harvesting this valuable resource. We may well also be clefting it to make posts, rails, palings and laths. There should be a fire burning and a kettle on – bring a spud in tin foil and a mug!

There will also be the chance to help in the building of a brash deer fence to protect the new growth of the chestnut stools over the coming couple of years.

Our coup is Forestry Commission woodland so you’ll have to walk in – it’s about a mile with a couple of small(ish) hills along footpaths, bridleways and forestry tracks. Head for DT11 0AZ (there will be a COPPICING sign to show you the turning) and carry on driving down the track until you reach a large dog-leg curve where there is space for parking. There is a bridleway further down the track on the left that will take you into the woods on foot – the route will be sign posted with little cleft chestnut arrows with the Artisan heart in purple…

****Please be aware that we will be coppicing some large trees, felling them with chainsaws. Although all of our operatives take the greatest of care it is YOUR responsibility to keep out of harms way, follow all instructions and directions from our employees, be aware that when a chainsaw starts that a tree may be coming down. We cannot and will not be held responsible for any injuries to persons or property howsoever caused.***

whatcome woods

A day out in the country…

So, on Wednesday we needed to go visit a new timber supplier near Castle Cary so decided to make a road trip of it. First stop to catch the first of the autumn colours at the wonder that is Stourhead; then Piet Oudolf’s Field in Bruton; then to see how a garden I designed and planted in Castle Cary is coming along and then to the timber mill.


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