Chestnut Fencing

Paddock gate in cleft sweet chestnut with cleft chestnut fence

Chestnut fencing supplied & installed

Sweet Chestnut fencing materials including posts, rails and rounds. Sweet Chestnut is an incredibly resilient hardwood with very good natural rot resistance and no maintenance required. There is very little sapwood and it cleaves (splits along the pole) well which makes it ideally suited to domestic and agricultural fencing.

We are happy to supply the products for your project and can discuss installation to your specification. Please see below for prices.

Cleft gates, garden structures & furniture

At Artisan Gardening we also make wonderful gates of all shapes and sizes, fanstacial garden structures and unique furniture. Some examples of our work can be seen here and here.

All timber coppiced in Dorset

We harvest from Dorset woods, opening up the canopy which is beneficial for wildlife. Coppiced chestnut is a truly renewable resource, the trees are cut to the ground which encourages them to regrow vigorously from the ever-maturing roots. The more a tree is cut the stronger it regrows, the oldest known coppiced tree in England is thought to be over three thousand years old.

Chestnut fencing prices

6 foot                          3-4"      4-5"       5-7"       7-10"
1/4 & 1/2 rounds      £2.90
full rounds                 £3.90     £4.60     £6.50     £10.40
8 foot                          3-4"      4-5"       5-7"      7-10"
1/4 & 1/2 rounds      £4.20
full rounds                 £5.20     £5.90      £9.10     £14.30
10 foot                       3-4"      4-5"      5-7"       7-10"
1/4 & 1/2 rounds       £5.50
full rounds                  £6.50   £7.20      £11.70     £19.50
Other lengths available, please contact us for prices and availability.

Example fence installation costs

All fence installations are unique and we will only quote after a site visit. Typically a two rail cleft chestnut fence, with 8ft between 1/2 round posts and 1/4 round rails morticed into the posts costs from £50-£80 per linear metre installed.

Unique gates, structures and garden furniture

Bespoke driveway, pedestrian and field gates made to measure with truly unique designs utilising the woods natural curves. Also garden structures - pergolas, arbours and shelters. Rustic and more refined garden furniture.

Chestnut boards

Cut to your specification