Fine Formal Fences & Gates

At Artisan Gardening we design, make and install some fantastic formal fences and gates. These are made with a more formal look than our rustic fences and gates.

Oak Manor Gates
Cedar driveway gates with curved top
Vegetable Garden Fence
Curvy cedar picket type fence
Curvy cedar picket type fence
Oak vegetable garden fence

Always built to last. By careful choice of materials, not just in the timber but fixings and furniture (gates and latches).


  • Wherever possible locally sourced raw materials are used.
  • These materials are processed by local sawmills.
  • Good quality structural materials are used (oak, cedar, chestnut) so environmentally damaging treatments are not needed.
  • Tanalised timber is avoided at all costs.
  • Posts are generally sunk further into the ground than your usual fence and set in crushed limestone (or other local aggregate).

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