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Dominic has been designing planting schemes for over ten years. His approach is a take on the New Perennial style of planting.

Swimming Pool Beds
Long Border

Dominic's planting schemes are always bright and colourful. They are relatively low maintenance due to careful use of plants and grasses. And this combination planting leads to an exceptionally long season of interest, from the earliest tulips, though aliums, perennials and grasses appearing in late spring and flowering though the autumn. The seed heads can then be left to stand through the winter.

Our plantings are invariably wildlife friendly. The bulbs and perennials we use are always bee and insect friendly and will attract a mass of butterflies. And by leaving the seed-heads standing over winter provides food for garden birds and overwintering space for ladybirds and other invertebrates.

To further our ecological credentials we endeavour to source our plants from "home-grown" nurseries and avoid imported plants. This reduces pollution from the plant transportation and also removes the risk of importing pests and diseases with the plants.

Big Bank Border Planting

I have been designing planting schemes for over ten years now. My work has been for a wide range of clients including:

  • small domestic gardens
  • communal gardens
  • large country estates

    Photo of planting design for woodland scheme

    Photo of planting design

  • country hotels
  • museums

My approach to planting design is very client led. I work closely with my clients so as to understand their personal style, their drivers behind a planting design, the mood that they would like to purvey.

But also it is important to match the planting scheme with the situation. There is not a lot of point in planting moisture loving plants in a sandy exposed site or drought tolerant plants in a boggy garden.

Usually a site visit with a survey of the underlying soil conditions, an understanding of the climate and prevailing weather conditions and a discussion with the clients as to the style of planting they would like will allow me to build a planting pallet - a range of plants that will be used in the scheme.

Sometimes I am lucky enough to spend some time working in the garden before commencing a planting design. This may be pruning existing plants, working on hard landscaping or building a fence. That way I get a far deeper feeling for the garden and situation, a deeper understanding of the clients and their style.

I am a great fan of the naturalistic style of planting. I take inspiration from some great designers - I love visiting their gardens and studying their books, leafing through magazines and watching gardening programs on television. But my greatest inspiration comes from nature - the mingling of wild-flowers by a country lane or central reservation; country meadows; large fields full of poppies and grasses.

I like to create rhythm. Not just in a border but through a garden.

Big Bank Border planting in its first summer season

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