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Oak Driveway Gates

Design for asymmetric, curved top, oak driveway gates.

This design for Oak Driveway Gates has just been accepted by the client, we’re rather excited about making these we is..! Going to be made in seasoned oak over the coming weeks.

The client is keen to direct visitors up the left side of the drive hence the asymmetric design. The curved top rail, centre rail and bracings add to the balance in the asymmetry and should be fun to make!

Design for asymmetric, curved top, oak driveway gates.

Design for asymmetric, curved top, oak driveway gates.

Sweet Chestnut Gazebo with Cedar Deck

Over a pond too…


Hazel Rose Obelisk


A client wanted an obelisk for his wife’s favourite rambling rose so I got to make this…

Curved cross oak garden gate


I made this gate as a speculative piece to show a the Stock Gaylard Oak Fair – where it received quite a few complimentary comments and has inspired my to put a stand together for next year.

The gate itself is a conflaburation of the design for the manor-house gates (for which I am awaiting the final go-ahead) and earlier split oak fencing and gates (Plumber Manor and Studland). All right angle joints are blind mortice and tenon. The gate was made in a bit of a hurry so the joints aren’t quite as fraction-of-a-millimetre perfect as I might like them but they’re not far off and I’m pretty happy with the final result.



Oak Rose Arch

Green oak rose arch