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A couple of beautiful days in Rosie’s cider orchard

Arisings ready for collection.
Oak in a cider orchard

Oak and walnut trees in Rosie’s cider orchard.

I’ve previously spent a considerable amount of time in Rosie’s cider orchard but the past two days have been the most enjoyable yet. Lovely fresh early winter days, hard work to keep the body warm, wonderful views (as ever) and some very special company – thanks for being there Emma..!

We started on Monday staking a fairly mature Kingston Black tree which had fallen to a jaunty angle due to the weight of the crop this year, as it had blocked one of the access tracks. It took a helluva heave to get it upright but we managed between the two of us – me pushing it up and Emma tying it to the stake.

A couple of dead trees needed removing so they were felled and logged.

We went to start on the main task of cutting back the boundary hedge – a very mature field hedge that wants to encroach on the orchard. It was nearly the end of the day so we made a quick start before tidying up.

Back on the hedge yesterday. We had 85 metres cut by coffee time, cleared and burnt by lunch. It was quite heavy going because as well as the clipping there were a couple of dead trees covered in ivy that had fallen out of the hedgeline. After lunch another 80 metres of lighter clipping was cut, cleared and burnt as it was getting dark.




As the dark closed in we finished the day helping Rosie gather the last of her Porter’s Perfection cider apples.